Belittling acts


Belittling acts in the Sukkah:[1]

One may not do any belittling acts inside the Sukkah. Thus one may not clean the dishes inside the Sukkah, although drinking cups may be washed down. 



May one use a Sukkah as a short cut?

No. One is not to make his Sukkah into a shortcut to reach another area.


May one hang laundry in the Sukkah?[2]



May one allow a gentile to enter one’s Sukkah?[3]

One should not invite a gentile into the Sukkah as this causes the holiness to leave. Therefore one should have a gentile maid clean the Sukkah inside.


May one urinate in a Sukkah?

It is forbidden to urinate in a Sukkah.[4] Nevertheless certain Tzadikim were accustomed to urinate in the Sukkah in a time of need.[5]


May one have marital relations in a Sukkah?

Some Poskim[6] rule it is permitted. Other Poskim however rule it is forbidden have marital relations in the Sukkah.


May one wash Neigel Vaaser inside the Sukkah?[7]


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