Benefiting from stolen property

Benefiting from stolen property:[1]

All property which according to Halacha is considered to have been stolen from its rightful owner, is forbidden for one to enter or make use of, even if he receives permission from the current residents, until one receives permission from the Halachic owner. This applies even if one is entering only momentarily, and will not cause any monetary loss to the property, such as to use it as a shortcut to pass to the other side, or to protect himself from the sun or the rain, and the like. [Thus, all property which according to Jewish law belongs to one person, and another person took away the property through the secular justice system and its laws, the property is considered stolen and one may not make any use of it, even with permission of the current owners. This can occur in in cases of inheritance, where the sons are entitled to inherit the property of their father, and a daughter usurps a property from them, under the inheritance laws relevant in that country, which do not follow Halacha. If according to Halacha the property belongs to the sons, and they never agreed to relinquish the property to the sister, then it is considered stolen, and one may not make use of it, even if he receives permission from the daughter. Accordingly, if a hotel was “inherited” by a daughter in such a fashion, it is forbidden to stay by such a hotel even for payment.]  


[1] Admur Hilchos Gezeila 11; Michaber C.M. 369:2; Rambam Gezeila 5:3

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