Biblical number of required strings

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Question: [Monday, 17th Tishreiy 5780]

Min Hatorah, how many strings must be tied to the corner of the Tzitzis for it to be Kosher. I am asking because I learned in today’s Rambam that there is no Shiur, which I thought was quite strange.



Practically, it is implied from the Poskim that we rule that Biblically four strings are required, which are then folded into eight strings. However, the Rambam is of the opinion that this is only Rabbinically required. The Poskim indeed question this ruling of the Rambam and explain it in different ways.

Sources: See Admur 11:1; Menachos 39b; Tur 11; Rashi and Tosafus Menachos 38a; Taz 11:13; Rosh Tzitzis 6; Kesef Mishneh on Rambam Tzitzis 1:1 “It is implied from Menachos 39b that the number of strings is Biblical. Vetzaruch Iyun” Opinion of Rambam: See Rambam Tzitzis 1:1; Kesef Mishneh on Rambam ibid and Beis Yosef 11 who explains him to be saying that its only Rabbinical, although concludes with a Tzaruch Iyun, as brought above; Beis Yaakov of Rav Yaakov Beirav p. 52 that even according to the Rambam its Biblical; Birkeiy Yosef 13

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