Bleeding during pregnancy-Nida laws

* This article is an excerpt from the above Sefer

Bleeding during pregnancy:

Nida laws:[1] If a woman sees blood during her pregnancy, this follows the same laws applicable throughout all other times regarding determining her Nida status. Thus, if the blood was seen on a colored garment, or is not more than the size of a Gris, and was not seen through an internal examination, then she remains pure. Otherwise, she is impure, as is always the case by a Kesem.

Danger of miscarriage:[2] While light bleeding can be viewed as normal during pregnancy, and does not deem a woman a Nida if found on a colored garment or is less than a Gris in size, heavy bleeding can deem a woman a Nida, and could be a worry of a miscarriage. In such a case, one is to immediately contact a doctor even on Shabbos.


[1] See Michaber 190:52; Mei Nida Kuntrus Achron 190:52; Nitei Gavriel 103:5;

[2] Nitei Gavriel 56:12

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