Borrowing a Mezuzah

Does one fulfill his obligation with a borrowed Mezuzah?

Yes.[1] However some Poskim[2] question this matter.

[1] Minchas Chinuch 23; Har Tzevi Yore Deah 238; Mikdash Meat 285/4

The reason: As the Torah does not say Lachem by the Mezuzah.

[2] Daas Kedoshim 289; See Admur 38/11 and M”A 38/15 “in contrast to a Mezuzah which is not possible to borrow”. This implies that one cannot borrow a Mezuzah, however see Gidulei Hekdesh 289/3 that explains this to mean that people don’t have extra Mezuzas to lend being that they are constantly being used, as opposed to Tefillin.

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