Breaking a cup/plate by a Vort, Lechaim, Tanaim and wedding

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Breaking a cup/plate:[1]

Some communities are accustomed to break a [glass[2]] cup during the time of the Chuppah. Others place a black cloth, or other symbol of mourning, on the head of the Chasan. Practically, the widespread custom today is to break a glass cup.[3] [The cup should be whole and complete, and one should not choose a chipped or damaged vessel for this purpose.[4]] The cup is customarily broken after the Sheva Brachos.[5] [It is also customary of Ashkenazi Jewry to break a plate by the Tanaim/Vort.[6]] Some are accustomed to recite the verse of Im Eshkacheich Yerushalayim, and have the Chasan repeat after him word after word. This is a good custom.[7] [Some Rabbanim have come out against the customary shout of Mazal Tov, as the glass is broken, as it uproots the entire purpose of the breaking of the glass as a sign of mourning.[8]]


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The reason: We break glass material as a sign that just as glass can be reformed, so too the Temple will be rebuilt. [P”M ibid]

[3] Rama E.H. ibid that so is the Ashkenazi custom; Shulchan Gavoa 560:5 and Kaf Hachaim 560:21 that so is custom of all; Aruch Hashulchan 560:2; Yalkut Yosef Sova Semachos p. 86; Rav Yaakov Yosef; See however Or Letziyon 3:277 who protests the fact the Sefaradim do not keep this custom

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