Buying a new computer keyboard for Pesach

  1. Question: [Sunday, 8th Nissan, 5781]

I noticed that my computer keyboard contains a lot of Chametz in it, as like most people I eat lunch and snack while working? My question is if I can use it during Pesach or if I should simply buy a new one or try to clean it?


One is to purchase a new computer keyboard for Pesach and designate it for annual Pesach use. If this is not possible, then one should shake out whatever crumbs he is able to shake out of the keyboard and wrap the keyboard with a plastic nylon covering such as saran wrap in order so no Chametz touches his hands during Pesach. To note, that while the widespread custom is to be lenient to allow typing on a computer during Chol Hamoed, some are stringent.

Explanation: Although there is no halachic requirement to clean one’s keyboard for Chametz if he recites Kol Chamira [i.e. Bittul] before Pesach even though it is most certainly filled with crumbs, being that the crumbs are dirty and unreachable and less than a Kezayis, nonetheless, practically one should not use it, and perhaps it is even forbidden to use it during Pesach, being that one may come to touch Chametz and get crumbs on his fingers which will later end up in his food or mouth, heaven forbid.

Sources: Regarding the letter of the law exemption from cleaning it from Chametz see: Admur 433:19; Regarding the prohibition to touch Chametz, see: Admur 440:16; 444:13; 446:7; 450:24-25; Rivash 401; Biur Halacha 446 “Biveiso”

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