Changing a name

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Changing a name:

A. Having second thoughts on a name:[1]

If one has second thoughts and desires to change the name of their child after it was already given through a Mi Shebeirach, then rather than give up the name Chas Veshalom, one should simply add another name to the name.

B. Said wrong name by the Mi Shebeirach:[2]

If the wrong name was accidentally given or recited by the Mi Shebeirach for the naming of the child, this is meaningless, and the child is to be called by his correct name and have a new Mi Shebeirach recited with the correct name.


[1] See Igros Kodesh 8:191; Shevach Habris 20:16

[2] Maharam Brisk 2:7; Adnei Paz 112; Shevach Habris 20:17

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