Changing Tzitzis in Mikveh

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Changing Tzitzis in Mikveh

5. Question: [Tuesday, 19th Mar Cheshvan, 5781]

May one check his Tzitzis inside the changing area of the mikvah where there are people who are undressed?


Yes, not only is there no problem in checking one’s Tzitzis in a Mikveh but he must do so prior to wearing them the first time that day. Thus, one who slept with his Tallis Katan must check them to verify the validity prior to wearing them each day when he gets dressed after mikvah. If he wears a new Tallis Katan each day after mikvah then the same applies that it must be checked beforehand. Checking the Tzitzis is not a contradiction to the impurity of the mikvah, and the same way one can walk into a mikvah while wearing Tzitzis so too he may check them there for their ability. However, the Tallis Gadol which is customarily checked with the recital of verses of Scripture should only be done outside the Mikveh.

Sources: See here for more details of checking the Tzitzis:

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