Chapter 49: The greatness of the Jewish people in the times of the redemption

Chapter 49: The greatness of the Jewish people in the times of the redemption

  • Listen you the nations of the far islands. G-d has appointed me a prophet from the time of birth. I am a servant of G-d.
  • No one’s listening to my prophecy: I have said that I have worked for nothing in saying my prophecies, as no one listens to me.
  • The journey of the Jewish people to Israel in the future era: The Jewish people will return to the land of Israel in the future era and will not experience hunger or thirst, I will not have heatstroke from the sun as G-d will have compassion on them. All my mountains will be flattened, and my valleys raised to make a smooth path for their journey. The Jewish people will return from all parts of the globe us, some from the north and some from the West and some from the South. The heavens will sing that G-d has consoled his people.
  • G-d promises not forget Jerusalem and the Jewish people: Zion will claim that she has been forgotten, however G-d will proclaim that He will not forget her, and that her walls are always before His eyes. When the redemption comes everyone will lift their eyes and see the multitude coming to Jerusalem.
  • Gentile nations will assist and glorify the Jewish people: The gentiles themselves will bring the Jewish people to the land of Israel carrying both the men and women to Israel. Their kings and queens will help raise the children of the Jewish people, serving as wet nurses and caretakers. They will prostrate themselves before you lick the dust off your feet. I will fight against your enemies and save your children. I will give their carcasses to the animals to be eaten.

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