Chapter 66: Meriting the redemption and the gathering of the exiles

Chapter 66: Meriting the redemption and the gathering of the exiles

  • G-d rests on those of humble spirit: So says G-d, the heaven is My chair, and the earth is my footstool. What house can you build for Me that will be a place for Me to rest. I rest specifically on those who are of humble spirit.
  • G-d does not want the offerings of sinners: One who continues his sinful ways but slaughters an ox for an offering is considered by me as if He has killed a person and slaughtering a dog and brought the blood of a swine to the altar. Their offerings remind me of their sins. I too will respond to them with punishment.
  • A word to the G-d-fearing: Listen those who fear My words, do not pay heed to the words of the sinners who believe that they are greater in My eyes than you. I will show this by joining you in your joyous events while they will be ashamed.
  • The return of the exiles: All the Jewish people will be gathered to Jerusalem with great swiftness that the world has never seen.
  • Rejoicing Jerusalem: Those who return shall rejoice with Jerusalem and gladden her. This will occur to all those who love Jerusalem and have mourned her during her time of destruction. The city of Jerusalem will be comforted. You will see the redemption of Jerusalem and rejoice. She
  • Punishing the wicked: G-d will come with a fire of wrath to punish the wicked. The wicked will be just by fire and by the sword. Those who gather for idol worship and consuming the flesh of swine’s and rats and other creatures will all die together.
  • Gathering all the nations to Jerusalem: I will gather all the nations of the world and all the languages of the world to Jerusalem, to see My honor.
  • Bringing the word of G-d to all the nations of the world: Those who will not be killed by the plague will be given a sign and I will send them to all the nations of the world to the farthest corners of the globe, to those who have not heard My name and have not seen My honor. They will tell them of my honor.
  • Gathering the Jewish people from all corners of the world: The nations of the world will gather all of their Jews who have yet to return to Me and they will bring them as a present to Me, to Jerusalem. They will be brought to Israel on horses and wagons, with song and music. They will be brought to My holy mountain and to Jerusalem, because of the Jewish people bring Me gifts in pure and holy vessels.
  • Taking priests from the multitude of the exiles: I will take for myself priests and Levites also from amongst the multitudes who were brought in from the exiles.
  • A new heaven and earth: I will make a new heaven and a new earth, and the Jewish people will remain established forever.
  • Visiting G-d weekly and monthly: So says G-d, every start of the month, and every eve of the Sabbath, every man of flesh will come to prostrate themselves before Me by the Temple. When they leave Jerusalem, they will see the corpses of those people who sinned against Me. The worms which eat these corpses will never die, and the fire which burned them will never be extinguished. They will forever be remembered by all people for their shame and abomination.


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