Chuldah the prophetess

Melachim 2 Chapter 22

1.      Chuldah the prophetess and her prophecy of doom:

  • The servants go to Chuldah the prophetess to consult with her: Chilkiyah the priest and Achikam and Achbor and Shafan and Asayah went to Chuldah the prophetess to consult with her about the above message of God. [The reason that they did not go to Yeremiah to consult with him but rather went to Chuldah is because a woman is more compassionate than a man. Alternatively, the reason is because Yeremiah was not in the area as he had gone to return the ten tribes from their exile.[1]]
  • Who was Chuldah? Chuldah was the wife of Shallum the son of Tikvah, who was the son of Charchas, who was in charge of the clothing of the king.
  • Chuldah gives a prophecy of doom: Chuldah was sitting in Jerusalem in the study-hall, when the messengers came and spoke to her. She said to them [in reply after hearing the information] that they should return and tell the king the following prophecy from God; “Hashem has said that He will bring destruction to Jerusalem and upon its inhabitants, exactly as written in the Torah scroll that was read in front of the king of Yehuda. This will be done being that the Jewish people have left me and have brought incense offerings to idols in order to anger me with their deeds and so I will spill My wrath against this place, and it shall not be extinguished. Now, concerning the king of Yehuda who sent you here to inquire from Me, you shall tell him, that since he has succumbed himself before me by tearing his garments and crying before Me, therefore I have heard his prayers, and the above will not occur in his days and he will die peacefully.” They brought back the message of the prophetess before the king.

[1] Rashi 22:14; Megillah 14b

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