Clothing of Gentiles

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It is forbidden for one to follow the path of gentiles [1] or try to be similar to them[2]. Thus one may not wear clothing which are designated to be worn only by gentiles[3] for [pompous[4] or] immoral purposes. Likewise if the dress code has no logic behind it, it is forbidden to be worn by a Jew.[5] If however there is a reason behind their custom of dress and it does not involve immorality, then it is permitted to wear it.[6] [From here every person should learn in accordance to his place and time that all clothing made for haughtiness and frivolity are to be avoided. Rather his clothing is to express humility and modesty.[7]]

Uniforms:[8] It is permitted to wear work uniforms. Thus if all the doctors wear a certain uniform in order so it be recognizable that they are doctors, then it is permitted to wear it.

Elegant clothing:[9] Similarly if the clothing is worn because it is elegant [and not frivolous or haughty] or for other reasons, then it is permissible to be worn by Jews.


[1]  Michaber 178/1; As the verse states “and in their ways you shall not follow” and “Guard yourself lest you follow them”. [Kitzur ibid]

[2] Rama 178/1

[3] Michaber ibid; as a Jew should be different than the gentiles also in their dress. [Rama ibid]

[4] Kitzur ibid: “clothing that are worn for haughtiness”

[5] Rama ibid: “This is only forbidden if the clothing of the gentiles are worn by them for sake of frivolity [pritzus] or it is a gentile custom that has no logic behind it, as in such a case there is room to suspect that the custom derives from the Emorite customs, and that it derive from practices of idolatry passed down from their forefathers.”

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