Color of clothing

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The color of the clothing:

Black colored clothing: [1] Black colored clothing is modest and humble[2] and hence is proper to be worn.

Red colored clothing: Red colored clothing is forbidden to be worn as they are worn by the gentiles for purposes of frivolity.[3] Likewise there is a tradition from our ancestors to avoid wearing red colored clothing.[4]



A Jew may not wear clothing of gentiles which give off a sense of arrogance and immorality. One is to wear clothing that expresses humility and modesty. Black clothing is proper to be worn as they express this matter. Red clothing is not to be worn.

[1] Shach 178/3

[2] As is evident from the law that one who’s evil inclination overcomes him, should wear black colored clothing. [Shach ibid]

[3] Rama ibid

[4] Shach 178/3

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