Counting Sefira with a Minyan and what to do if arrived late to the Minyan

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Is it proper to count the Omer together with a Minyan?[1]

It is proper to count the Sefira together with the Minyan. [Thus, one should not leave the Minyan for Maariv until after Sefira.]


If the Minyan is holding by Sefira and one has not yet begun Maariv is he to recite Sefira with the Tzibur?[2]

If one came late to Shul and the congregation has reached Sefiras Haomer prior to him beginning Maariv, then in the event that he will not be Davening with another Minyan, some Poskim[3] rule that he is to count Sefira together with the Minyan and Daven Maariv afterwards,.[4] The same applies if he skipped Kerias Shema in order to begin Shemoneh Esrei together with the Minyan, that he should count Sefira together with the Minyan, prior to reciting Shema.[5] Other Poskim[6] however rule that one is to always precede Maariv to counting Sefira, even if it means that he will lose the opportunity to count with a Minyan.[7] Practically, if one suspects he may forget to count Sefira after his private Davening, he is to count with the Minyan before Maariv.[8]


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