Covering the head with the Tallis during Kerias Hatorah

Covering head with Tallis:

It is the custom of those particular in Mitzvos, and of all the Chassidim[1], to cover their head with the Tallis Gadol throughout the entire period of time that they are wearing it, in order so their head is not uncovered for even one moment.[2] Doing so humbles ones heart and leads to fear of heaven.[3] One who removes his Tallis from his head is like one who passes over the chance to perform a Mitzvah.[4] One is not to uncover his head from the Tallis even if he is very hot.[5] The Tallis is to remain on one’s head from the beginning of Davening until the end.[6] Seemingly, this applies likewise during Kerias Hatorah. Nonetheless, the Rebbe Rashab was not accustomed to cover his head during the Keriah.


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