Covering Tzitzis

Covering the Tzitzis:[1]

One may not enter a cemetery with Tzitzis that are revealed to the open.[2] This applies both to a Tallis Gadol and a Tallis Katan.[3] If however the Tzitzis are covered and are hence not apparent at all then doing so is permitted. [Thus one is to stick his Tzitzis into his pants prior to entering into the cemetery.]

[1] Admur 23/1-2

[2] The reason: As it appears like we are scoffing the dead by showing them the Mitzvos that they cannot fulfill. [23/1]

[3] As today we only wear Tzitzis for the sake of the Mitzvah and hence the Tallis Gadol and Katan have the same ruling as they both appear to be scoffing the dead. However in previous times it was permitted to enter with a four cornered garment that had Tzitzis so long as the Tzitzis did not drag on the actual grave, as in those times all their clothing were made with four corners and had Tzitzis attached to them. It was hence not practical to require them to remove all their clothing upon entering a cemetery. [Admur 23/1-2] 

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