Davening for help in learning Torah and service of Hashem

Davening for help in learning Torah and service of Hashem:[1]

During prayer one is to ask and plead before Hashem, from the depths of his heart, for there to be revelation of G-dliness in his soul and in the world. As a result of this request, one is able to force his inclination to learn a lot more Torah than he is accustomed to study. He is to make sure to learn Torah at every possible moment available. One who has the opportunity to learn Torah and does not do so, on him the verse states that “Hikareis Tikareis”, that he is cut off. This means to say, that one who does not use his time for Torah learning, the Elokus leaves [his soul], Heaven Forefend. Although in prayer, we bequest from Hashem that we should be able to draw Elokus below, nevertheless, this matter is dependent on whether one uses his time properly for learning and Tzedaka. One who Davens for it, but does not use his time properly, is considered to have Davened a prayer in vain [i.e. Tefilas Shav]. Hashem punishes such a person by arranging for him to be occupied in worldly matters of nonsense, that disturb him for being able to serve Him. On this the verse in Mishleiy states “Masir Azno Mishmoa Torah Gam Tefilaso Toeiva,” that if one removes his ear from listening to Torah, also his prayer is an abomination, as it causes his request for revelation of G-dliness to go to waste.  


[1] Siddur Im Dach p. 19

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