Davening to Hashem to grant one the attribute of Bitachon

Davening to Hashem to grant one the attribute of Bitachon:[1]

The attribute of Bitachon has the power to draw blessing for the matter in which one is trusting in. For example, if one trusts in Hashem that he will find a good Parnasa, then even if he does not currently have Divine merit to grant him this, his Bitachon in Hashem can draw down that which he is undeserving to receive. What then does Hashem do to an individual who he would like to punish and not give him blessing? In such a acse, Hashem removes his Bitachon, and causes him to not have absolute trust in Hashem that all will be well, which then allows Hashem to not give him that blessing. Due to that this is the case, one should accustom himself to pray to Hashem to merit him with the Mida of Bitachon, in order to be successful in drawing down the Divine blessing.


[1] Based on Keser Shem Tov 113; Toldos Yaakov Yosef Mishpatim 56b; As explained in Likkutei Sichos 36 Shemos

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