Day 90 of pregnancy

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8. Day 90 of pregnancy:[1]

It is forbidden to have intercourse on day 90 of pregnancy, due to danger to the fetus as it can cause miscarriage.[2] Nonetheless, in today’s times, one is not required to be stringent in this matter, and Shomer Pesaim Hashem.[3] [However, according to Kabbalah, this stringency applies even today.[4] Accordingly, some Poskim[5] conclude that it is proper to be stringent even today to avoid intercourse on the 90th day from her last Mikveh night, during pregnancy. However, there is no obligation to specifically calculate the 90th day and only if one happens to know it is it proper to abstain.]


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The reason: One who has relations on this night is considered a murderer, as doing so can kill the child. [M”A ibid in name of Zohar ibid]

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The reason: As it is not possible to know definitively which day is the 90th day of pregnancy. [Niddah ibid] As not always does she become pregnant right after Mikveh. [Aruch Laneir Niddah ibid; Noda Beyehuda; Mishneh Halachos 11:193]

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