Desiring G-d himself, and not His revelations

Desiring G-d himself, and not His revelations:[1]

The verse states that “even if one were to give all of the wealth of his home he would still be put to shame.” The verse refers arouses a great longing for G-d, on the level of “Bechol Meodecha/with all your might.” Nonetheless, this love would be considered a shame, as in truth all the love in the world can only connect man with a mere ray and glimmer of G-d. To connect to G-d’s essence, one needs to fulfill the actual physical mitzvot. This is the love of “Bechol Levavecha,” for a person to desire to connect with G-d’s essence which can only be fulfilled through the mitzvah’s.


[1] Torah Or Noach p. 9c-d

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