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Distributing charity on Purim to all those that request [1]

One is not to be particular regarding distributing Purim money. Rather all those that spread open their hand to request donations are to be given.

Should one distribute also to gentiles? In an area that the custom has become to distribute Purim money also to gentiles, then also gentiles are to be given money [if they request].[2] However those areas which do not have such a custom are not to distribute Purim money to gentiles[3], unless it is necessary for the residing of peace within the city.[4]


Sparks of Chassidus:[5]

There is a tradition from the students of the Baal Shem Tov that the day of Purim is a great Segula for requesting matters from Hashem, and increase in prayer and supplication. On this it says “All that spread open their hand are to be given”, that on Purim, Hashem answers the prayers of all that request from him.


[1] 694/3; Shaar Hakavanos p. 109

[2] Michaber ibid

The reason: One is to distribute also to the gentiles in order to reside peace amongst the cities Jew and gentile inhabitants. [M”B 694/11]

[3] M”A 694/6; Taz 694/2; M”B 694/10

The reason: As one who does so is stealing from the poor and is fooling people to think that he fulfills the Mitzvah through distributing Matanos Laevyonim to gentile paupers. [Taz ibid]

[4] Shaar Hatziyon 694/11 in name of Taz, Beis Yosef; Kaf Hachaim 694/38; See Michaber 151/12; Rama 251/1 that one may distribute Tzedaka to gentile paupers due to Darkei Shalom and there is no prohibition of “Lo Sichaneim” involved. Nevertheless there is no contingency that it only be allowed if it is the custom of the city, and hence it requires further clarification as to why Matanos Laevyonim is any different.

[5] Segulos Yisrael 80/4


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