Eating nuts, apples, pears, lettuce or horseradish on Erev Pesach

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Not to eat nuts, apples, pears, lettuce or horseradish on Erev Pesach:[1]

Some[2] are accustomed not to eat Maror on Erev Pesach, or by the daytime of the first day of Pesach, in the Diaspora, in order so they can eat it at night with an appetite. Others are accustomed to avoid eating fruits on Erev Pesach in order so they can eat the Charoses at night with an appetite, however there is no need to abide by this latter custom.

The Chabad custom:[3] Practically, the Chabad custom is to abstain from eating on Erev Pesach any of the foods that enter into the Charoses [i.e. nuts, apples, pears] and Maror [lettuce or horseradish], until Korech [of the second Seder in the Diaspora].

Eggs/Potatoes/onions/meat: One may eat eggs, potatoes, onions[4] or roasted meat.[5] This applies even according to the Chabad custom.

Children:[6] A child who is not old enough to understand the story of the exodus that is told on the Seder night, may be fed any of these foods throughout  Erev Pesach, as well as on Pesach even prior to Kiddush.


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