Electricity shut off on Yom Tov-Turning it back on

Question: [Monday, 15th Tishreiy, 5783]

The electricity of my home suddenly shut off in middle of our meal in the sukkah on the night of Yom Tov. We tried looking for a gentile in our neighborhood to turn it back on but could not find one. Is there any Halachic solution for us to do to turn the electricity back on? All of our food for Yom Tov, as well as all of the food in the freezer will go to waste, not to mention that our entire house and Sukkah is pitch black.



You may have a child who is under the age of Chinuch turn the electricity back on.

Explanation: In a time of need, if there is no gentile available, one may ask a child [preferably one that has not reached the age of Chinuch, if available], to turn on the electricity for the sake of Simchas Yom Tov. The reason for this is as follows: The lighting of a fire on Yom Tov is only a rabbinical prohibition according to Admur and most Poskim, and hence it is permitted to ask a gentile to light a new fire on Yom Tov in a time of need, as is always the rule that we permit Shevus Deshevus. Furthermore, some Poskim in a time of need even permit for a Jew to directly light a new fire on Yom Tov for the sake of Simchas Yom Tov. Now, while we do not rule like this opinion, nevertheless one may rely on this opinion in a time of need to ask a child to turn on the electricity, as aside for this opinion, there is also a debate in Poskim as to whether turning on electricity is forbidden on Yom Tov or not

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