Erev Shabbos Checklist

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Erev Shabbos Checklist[1]


  • On Thursday buy the foods that require cooking in order so one has enough time to prepare them.


Home Preparations


  • Begin preparing for Shabbos in the morning of Erev Shabbos.
  • Tidy the home
  • Sweep and mop dirt from the floors
  • Remove cobwebs from the walls and ceiling
  • Sharpen the knives
  • Set the Shabbos table
  • Open all cans needed for Shabbos such as cans of tuna, corn, olives, pickles.
  • Open all closed bags of food and paper ware, such as cake wrappers, plastic plates, potato chips etc
  • Polish silverware, Kiddush cup, candlesticks
  • Separate garbage bags for Shabbos if they are attached
  • Cut tablecloths for each meal if they are attached or are one large roll.
  • Place tissues in the bathroom. Open the tissue bag.
  • Cut toilet paper, if no tissues are available.
  • Tape or cover light switches if necessary.

 Food Preparations

  • Begin preparing for Shabbos in the morning of Erev Shabbos.
  • The father of the house is to personally prepare his favorite Shabbos dish. At the very least he should prepare one thing for Shabbos.
  • Bake Chalas on Erev Shabbos
  • Freeze ice cubes if needed
  • Prepare dips or salads for the first course
  • Cook at least two foods which will be eaten during the meal
  • Boil water
  • Invite guests

    Bodily Preparations

  • Begin your Erev Shabbos meal before the 10th hour of the day. [three Zmaniyos hours before sunset]
  • Cut your nails.
  • Get a haircut if needed.
  • After cutting nails recite Shnayim Mikra after midday
  • Bathe entire body in hot water
  • After Shnayim Mikra immerse in a Mikveh
  • Wear fresh clothing for Shabbos. One is to try to arrange that every piece of his clothing that he wears is designated to be worn only on Shabbos.
  • Polish Shoes
  • Brush hat
  • Untie any double knots in clothing or shoes that will be worn on Shabbos
  • Apply necessary creams, deodorant, makeup before Shabbos
  • Brush teeth

     Close to Shabbos checklist

  • Taste the Shabbos foods to see if they need anything added.
  • Prepare the Blech: Prepare Blech with enough time for the food to become hot before Shabbos if it were to be cold. [This applies even if the food is currently hot.]
  • Prepare the Shabbos clock.
  • Put away all Muktzah items, such as phones etc
  • Verify the refrigerator light is off.
  • Verify your water boiler is on Shabbos mode.
  • Check your pockets to verify they do not contain Muktzah, or any item if there is no Eiruv.
  • Give charity prior to lighting candles or leaving to Shul for Mincha.
  • Accept Shabbos with joy!
  • Daven Mincha with extra concentration.


Good Shabbos!



[1] The checklist for Erev Shabbos has been compiled based on the Halachos discussed within the Sefer “The Laws and Customs of Erev Shabbos” and also on simple matters of practicality that are relevant to Pre-Shabbos preparations. For further information on the details of an item on the checklist, refer to the Sefer. Also refer to “The Shabbos Primer” p. 49-55

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