False humility/Bittul

False humility/Bittul:[1]

There exists a false type of humility which is called Reuma. The verse[2] states that Reuma was a Pilegesh. The term Reuma is made up of two words, Reu/see and Mah/what. It means to call attention to one’s level of Mah, Bittul, humility. One who has humility simply for the sake of gaining this character trait in the yes of the public is playing with evil, and causes the Yetzer Hara to slaughter him. On this the verse continues and says “Vateiled Es Tabach”, that Reuma gives birth to Tabach, which is the Yetzer Hara. One’s humility must be true and altruistic. One who desires to show off his humility to others is secretly hiding behind sheets of haughtiness.

[1] Keser Shem Tov 31

[2] Vayeira 22/24

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