Fasting and Tachanun

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Fasting and Hesped on the days before and after Purim:

Fasting: [1] It is allowed to fast before and after the days of Purim.

Hesped:[2] It is permitted to give a eulogy on the days before and after Purim. [However it is questionable whether one may give a eulogy past midday of Erev Purim, unless he is a Torah scholar and the eulogy is taking place in the presence of his body.[3]]



May one visit a cemetery on Erev Purim?

Yes.[4] Thus An Avel may visit the grave of his relative at the end of Shiva on Erev Purim.[5]

Tzidkascha on Shabbos Erev Purim:[6]

If Erev Purim falls on Shabbos, Tzidkascha Tzedek is omitted from Mincha of Shabbos.


[1] Michaber 686/1

The novelty of this ruling is that it states in Megillas Taanis that all the holidays which are forbidden t fast on are likewise forbidden to fast directly before and after the holiday. Hence the novelty here is that since Megillas Taanis became nullified this law no longer applies. [Taz 686/1]

[2] Kaf Hachaim 686/2

[3] See Piskeiy Teshuvos 686/1; 696/4; Biur Halacha 547/3 “Shemutar”

[4] Gesher Hachaim 1 p. 259

[5] See Piskeiy Teshuvos 696 footnote 16 which explains the ruling of the M”A 696/5 to forbid going to a grave site on Erev Purim to only be referring to the women who lament over the grave, however the Avel may visit he grave at the end of Shiva.

[6] M”B 686/3


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