Feeding Chametz to animals

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer

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Feeding animals:[1]

It is forbidden to feed Chametz to even a wild, disowned, animal.[2] It goes without saying that is forbidden to feed Chametz to animals that he owns. Furthermore, it is forbidden to give one’s animal to a gentile caretaker during Pesach, if one knows for certain that the caretaker will feed Chametz to the animal.[3]



May one feed ownerless Chametz to an animal?[4]



If one’s animals only eat Chametz foods, what should he do with them over Pesach?[5]

In such a case, one is to sell the animals to a gentile before Pesach, having them included in the Mechiras Chametz contract.

May one eat meat/eggs or drink milk from animals/chicken that were fed Chametz?

See Chapter 6 Halacha 9!


[1] Admur 443:3

[2] The reason: As one receives benefit by fulfilling his desire to satiate the animals hunger. [M”B 448:28]

[3] Admur 450:18

[4] M”B 448:28; Beis Yosef

[5] Shaar Hakolel 4 Seder Mechiras Chametz of Admur

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