Food restrictions that apply past the 10th hour on Erev Pesach

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Food restrictions that apply past the 10th hour:[1]

It is forbidden for any person to eat non-Chametz bread[2], drink a small amount of wine[3] [or grape juice[4]] or a large amount of any food[5] from the beginning of the tenth hour of Erev Pesach until the nighttime. The tenth hour of the day is three Zmaniyos/fluctuating hours before sunset.[6] It is forbidden to eat the above items past the 10th hour of the day  even if one begins his meal prior to the 10th hour.[7] However, one may eat a small amount of fruits or a small amount of vegetables, whether cooked or raw, or a small amount of meat, fish, cheese and eggs, and a small amount of all other foods.[8]


[1] Admur 471:1

[2] Such as fried or cooked Matzah that has retained its blessing of Hamotzi.[See Admur 471:8] Or Matzah Ashira for those who allow eating it on Pesach. [Admur 471:1

[3] Admur 471:2 that one may not drink a small amount of wine, as it satiates, but one may drink a lot of wine, as it makes one hungrier, so long as one does not drink to the point of satiation.

[4] Piskeiy Teshuvos 471:1

[5] Admur 471:2

[6] Admur 471:1 that it is ¼ of the day, which is three hours, whether the days are long or short.

[7] See Admur 471:1

[8] Admur 472:2; Sephardim may eat a small amount of Kitniyos and Mezonos Matzah Ashira. [See Admur ibid and 8]

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