From the Rav’s Desk: Baked cheese pastry in meat oven

  1. Question: [Monday, 14th Teves 5781]

We accidentally baked dairy pastries on a meat aluminum baking pan in a meat oven. What we do about the oven and what we do about the baking pan?


Both the oven and the baking pan need to be Koshered. The oven can be Koshered by cleaning it thoroughly with a grease killing agent, waiting 24 hours, and then leaving it on the highest temperature for about an hour. The baking pan can be Koshered through regular Hagalah. If you have a self-cleaning oven, then you can turn it on with the baking pan inside and accomplish the Koshering of both the baking pan and the oven simultaneously.

The explanation: Although nonkosher baked items without liquid make the vessel require Libun Chamur, and Hagalah alone does not suffice, nonetheless by meat and milk we are lenient to always require only Hagalah even when the meat or milk was baked without liquid, as Heteira Bala.


Sources: Admur 451:13 in gloss; 1st approach in Shach 121:7; unlike 2nd approach in Shach ibid, based on ruling of Ramaz, 96 that requires Libun Chamur even by Basar Bechalav if it absorbed meat or dairy directly without liquid; See also Hakashrus 1 :37 and footnote 67 who writes that baking pans cannot be Koshered at all, as they require Libun Chamur. Based on above, however, this is inaccurate, as Hagala suffices in the scenario that one simply cooked meat in it after cooking milk or vice versa.


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