From the Rav’s Desk: Blessing on French Toast

  1. Question: [Wednesday, 22nd Teves 5781]

What is the proper blessing to say over French toast. I’ve heard some people say that it’s Mezonos and I wanted to know if this is true.



Slices of French toast that are a Kezayis or more in size receive the blessing of Hamotzi and Birchas Hamazon. Slices of French toast which are less than a Kezayis in size [i.e. entered into the frying pan while less than a Kezayis in size] and were fried with a decent amount of oil, then it is a dispute as to whether Hamozti or Mezonos should be recited, and thus it should only be eaten within a meal.

Explanations: The law is that only baked dough receives the blessing of Hamotzi/Birchas Hamazon as opposed to cooked dough. Now, what is the law regarding if a baked product was then cooked? So, if the baked product that is being cooked is a Kezayis in size then it retains the blessing of Hamotzi/Birchas Hamazon. If, however, the baked item being cooked is less than a Kezayis in size then it is a dispute as to what blessing it should receive and we rule that Safek Brachos Lihakel and hence one is to say Mezonos and Al Hamichyah on such bread. However, a Baal Nefesh should be Machmir to eat it within a meal if they contain the appearance of bread and he will be eating enough to make him full. All the above is referring to a baked product that was cooked in water. However, a baked product that is cooked in oil, as in our case, becomes even more complex, as there is a dispute as to whether frying is defined as baking or cooking. Accordingly, while if the French toast retained a Kezayis in size throughout its frying then according to all opinions its blessing is Hamotzi/Birchas Hamazon, if however, its size is less than a Kezayis then it is under a double debate as to what is blessing should be and therefore it should be eaten within a meal of bread, and if one does not do so then he should recite Mezonos and Al Hamichyah.

Sources: Admur Seder 2:12-13; Ketzos Hashulchan 48:11-12; M”B 168:55; Shevet Halevi 7:23; Piskeiy Teshuvos 168:16


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