From the Rav’s Desk: May one use a lighter to light Shabbos candles?

  1. Question: [Thursday, 3rd Iyar 5781]

May my wife use a lighter to light the Shabbos candles or is this a problem being that she will end up extinguishing it after the lighting, prior to the blessing?


A lighter should not be used by women to light the Shabbos candles, and rather a match or other item should be used which can be put down while still lit and not need to be extinguished.

Explanation: It is debated amongst the Poskim as to whether there is a prohibition for women to perform Melacha between the Shabbos candle lighting and the recital of the blessing, and practically we conclude for women to be stringent.


Sources: See Admur 263:7; Michaber 263:10; Piskeiy Teshuvos 263:31; Chesed Lealafim 263:6; Ben Ish Chaiy Noach 2:8; Toras Shabbos; Kaf Hachaim 263:62 “Immediately after lighting throw the match on the floor and then say the blessing”; Ketzos Hashulchan 74:14 footnote 14; Beir Moshe 8:63; Kinyan Torah 2:49; Bris Olam 20; Kitzur Dinei Hadlakas Neiros 4:5; Koveitz Mibeis Halevi 11:36 in name of Rav Wozner See here for the full details of this matter

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