From the Rav’s Desk: Should one avoid saying Birchas Hashachar out loud?

  1. Question: [Sunday, 22nd Teves, 5782]

I know that the widespread Chabad custom is to avoid saying blessings aloud when there are other people around due to that it can accidentally cause others to fulfill their obligation of the blessing. I was wondering if this likewise applies to the morning blessing of Birchas Hashachar?



The blessings of Birchas Hashachar, starting from Hanosein Lasechvi Bina until Hagomel Chassadim Tovim, may be said out loud without issue even according to the Chabad custom. Birchas Hatorah, however, should be said in silent if there are other people around who have yet to say it.

Explanation: The widespread Chabad custom is to recite blessings quietly. The reason for this custom is because Admur rules that one who hears a blessing is Yotzei according to some opinions even if he did not have intent to be Yotzei, and hence, in order to prevent others from entering into this doubt, we therefore recite the blessings silently. Now, this worry does not apply to Birchas Hashachar, being that Admur rules that one cannot be Yotzei Birchas Hashachar by hearing the blessings from another unless there is a minyan present. However, regarding Birchas Hatorah, a minyan is not required and therefore it should be said in silent when other people around. This is in order to suspect for the opinion that Birchas Hatorah is rabbinical and therefore one can fulfill his obligation through hearing it, even without having in mind to be Yotzei.

Sources: See regarding being Yotzei a blessing even if had no Kavana to be Yotzei: Admur 213:4; See regarding needing a minyan present by the morning blessings in order to be Yotzei: Admur 59:4; Levush 6:4 and 59:4; M”A 6:10 and 59:8; Chayeh Adam 5; M”B 59:23; Ketzos Hashulchan 5 footnote 9; P”M 6 A”A 10; See regarding being Yotzei Birchas Hatorah even without a Minyan: Admur 47:7; See regarding if Birchas Hatorah is Biblical: Beir Heiytiv 47:1; Shaareiy Teshuvah 47:1; Kaf Hachaim 47:2; M”B 47:1

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