From the Rav’s Desk: Telepathic effects between family members

  1. Question: [Thursday, 2nd Teves 5781]

Dear Rabbi, I was wondering what the perspective of Judaism is regarding if there is a spiritual connection between the members of a family aside of course for the biological connection of them being relatives. Meaning, is there a subconscious and telepathic connection between family members in which feelings and thoughts and ideas can be traded and affected by them to one another without them consciously discussing it? Meaning, if one family member is sad can that cause another family member to be sad, and if one family member is involved in sinful activity can that cause another family member to likewise become involved in sin?



Indeed, in Judaism we believe in far more than just a biological connection between family members. There also exists a telepathic spiritual connection between the souls of family members. Meaning, that the actions of one family member affects not only his own soul but also the souls of the other members of one’s family. Accordingly, it is understood that the performance of Mitzvos and the enhanced spiritual observance of one family member can influence the soul of the other family members to likewise become more spiritually observed. In one case example where an individual was contemplating marrying a Gentile the Rebbe suggested that the family members, and especially the parents, strengthen their spiritual observance of Torah and Mitzvos in order to subliminally influence the soul of their child/sibling, and draw them to avoid such a drastic sin of intermarriage. In the Rebbe’s words, “Being that all family members are connected to each other not just physically but also spiritually it is therefore understood that the adding of fear of heaven by each family member contributes greater fear of heaven to other family members. This especially applies between parents and their children, that the more the parents add in fear of heaven so too will the results be greater in their child”

Sources: See Igros Kodesh 23:376; Likkutei Sichos Vol. 3 Parshas Mikeitz for a similar idea regarding a Jews effect on the world.

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