From the Rav’s Desk: Wearing a coat over a Tallis

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  1. Question: [Sunday, 11th Shevat 5781]

Now that we are praying outside in the freezing cold due to coronavirus is it permitted to wear a coat over one’s Tallis during the Shacharis prayer? Is it better to wear the Tallis over one’s coat, or to wear the coat over one’s Tallis?


Practically, the common practice is to wear one’s winter coat over one’s Tallis. Seemingly, this is done to increase one’s warmth, as well as to prevent the Tallis from slipping off if it were to be worn over one’s coat. Nonetheless, if one chooses, he may certainly wear it over his coat and benefit from having his Tallis Gadol be the most external garment which is completely visible to the outside.

Sources: See M”A 8:13 in name of Arizal that the Tallis Katan represents Penimiyus, and hence should not be seen, as opposed to the Tallis Gadol which represents Chitzoniyus

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