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Greeting a friend:[1]

It is forbidden to greet a friend on Tisha B’av. Thus, one may not greet a friend with Shalom Aleichem [or good morning[2]]. If one’s friend will be offended if he is not greeted, then one is to explain to him the concept of this prohibition.[3]

Responding to a greeting:[4] If one is greeted by another person using the above terms, he should answer the person in a mournful tone.


What is defined as a greeting?

Some Poskim[5] rule that only statements which include the word Shalom are defined as a greeting, and hence greetings such as good morning and the like are permitted. Other Poskim[6] rule that any greeting is defined as a greeting even if it does not include the word Shalom. Practically, one is not to recite any greeting even if it does not contain the word Shalom.[7] This prohibition includes the following phrases:

  • Shalom
  •  Good morning
  •  How are you
  •  Hello
  •  Hi


Nodding head:[8]

It is permitted to nod one’s head as a greeting.[9]  However some Poskim[10] are stringent.


May one wish a friend Mazal Tov?[11]



May one shake hands with a friend?[12]

One may do so in the process of wishing Mazal Tov to a friend. [However, it is forbidden to do so as a greeting.]


May one say good night?[13]

Yes. However, some[14] avoid doing so.


May one say a Mi Shebeirach for a Yoledes/woman who is after birth?[15]

The Mi Shebeirach is to be said by Mincha, and not by Shacharis.


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