“Habaim Yashreish Yaakov”

“Habaim Yashreish Yaakov”:[1]

The verse in Yeshaya[2] states “Habaim Yashreish Yaakov/The immigrants are rooted in Jacob.” The word Habaim/immigrants refers to the gathering of the exiles into Eretz Yisrael which will occur in the times of the future redemption.[3] In the future, the Jewish people will have their root in Yaakov revealed. This means that the essence of the soul of the Jew will have revelation. Alternatively, the term Yashreish Yaakov refers to the fulfillment of Mitzvos, as just like a root is in the ground, so too Mitzvos deal with the physical. The connection between these two explanations is that it is specifcaly through the fulfillment of Mitzvos that the root of the soul will be revealed in the future. The root of the soul contains many levels. Torah learning reveals the root of the soul that is found in Seder Hishtalshlus, while the fulfilment of Mitzvos reveals the root of the soul as it is found above Seder Hishtalshlus.


[1] Or Torah [Tzemach Tzedek] Shemos 7/2532; Mamar  19th Teves 1988 [printed in Melukat 4/125]

[2] 27/6

[3] Targum Yonason ibid

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