Haman’s return home

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Haman’s return home: [1]

Haman returned home after the parade in shame and embarrassment. Upon telling his wife Zeresh, and his advisors, of the events they told him that if he began falling before Mordechai the Jew he is destined for doom. In the midst of the conversation he was hurriedly taken to the second banquet of Esther, which was called for that night.



What did Haman’s wife and advisors tell him?

Some Mefarshim[2] explain that Haman thought that the king intended on rewarding Mordechai in the above manner in order so Mordechai does not later request from him to save the Jews as reward. He hence did not feel threatened by the day’s events. However his wife and advisors told him that if he began to fall, then this is a sign that he will fall completely. They therefore advised him to flee. However the king’s messengers came to bring him to the feast in a hurry and he was unable to escape. 


[1] 6/12-14

[2] Iyun Yaakov 16a

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