Hashem brings Divine sparks to every person for him to refine

Hashem brings sparks to the person:[1]

Every person is given a task in this world to elevate and refine a certain number of Divine sparks for the sake of service of G-d. Sometimes, one is required to travel to far off places to accomplish this refinement. At other times Hashem gathers the sparks to the area of one’s location. This is the meaning of that Hashem folded Eretz Yisrael under Yaakov Avinu, as He gathered all the sparks under Yaakov in order so he does not need to travel from place to place. This is likewise the meaning behind the verse “And Noach found favor/Chen in the eyes of Hashem.” Chen refers to the sparks found in Kelipas Noga. Noach found the sparks that he needed tor efine in the area that he lived. This is the inner meaning of the statement of Chazal[2] “Chen Makom Al Yoshvav” that the Divine sparks needed to be elevated are found in the area of one’s dwelling.


[1] Keser Shem Tov 15

[2] Sotah 47a

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