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  Approbations: Approbations for the Authors previous works can be found in “A Semicha Aid for Learning the Laws of Shabbos,” and other Sefarim. Our previous 34 Sefarim have been widely accepted amongst the English-speaking public as authoritative books in Halacha, leaning off the Rabbinical approbations already given to our original works. Despite this, while we don’t search for specific approbations in each publication that we put out, in this book of most intimate nature we chose to bring the matter to the attention of leading Rabbanim and Mashpi’im to hear their advice and comment as to whether they give their blessings towards such a work, and if so in what manner. The vast majority of Rabbanim, and world renowned Mashpi’im that we spoke to, encouraged the publishing of this Sefer and its proliferation, saying that its Hatzalas Hadur, and pushed us to do it despite our many reservations. Specifically, Rabbi Y.L. Nachmanson who published a similar Hebrew work on the subject with approbations of leading Rabbanim, reviewed our manuscript, and gave us his comments and blessings.   A letter of the Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraging Rabbanim to teach Taharas Hamishpacha etc: Prior to publishing this Sefer, we entered a Pa”n for blessing into a Sefer of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, as is customary of Chassidim to do if they do not live close enough to visit his grave.[1] Astonishingly, the page that the letter was entered into read as follows:[2] “There is great responsibility on Rabbanim at all times and ages, especially in today’s times, and especially in a young generation… It is known, the saying of the Mishneh, that the Midrash is not the Ikkur but rather the Maaseh. Thus, what is most important is the direction and leadership of the community and to emphasize to them today the practical applications of the Halachos of guarding Shabbos, Taharas Hamihspacha, etc etc, and the length on this subject is merely superfluous.”    
  The author of the Pela Yoeitz, who is known as one of the most famous advisers in Jewish history, writes in his Sefer Yaalzu Chassidim 167 as follows: Today, there exists many ignoramuses who are completely unaware of the prohibitions applicable during intimacy, and the need to sanctify oneself during it. They do not come to the Rabbis to discuss this subject as they believe it to be taboo to even talk of. However, in truth, it is a Mitzvah on the teachers and Rabbanim to publicize it, whether orally, or in writing, without any shame or embarrassment as in truth there is no shame in it, to teach the nation the G-dly statutes of His Torah [in this field]. They should therefore raise their voice like a Shofar to teach the congregation the proper way to go regarding each and every detail relating to this subject, and they should warn the nation not to swerve from it, and to do it Lisheim Shamayim, as this is a great rule to merit their souls and the souls of their descendants to be G-d fearing. Great is the merit of those who do this and give guidance to the public and they will be blessed.   Likewise, in his Sefer Chesed Le’alafim 240:6 he writes: It is a pity that people are forgetting and transgressing all this, as they do not know what is forbidden, and therefore today there are many ignoramuses who are Perutzim in this area, and there is no one to discuss these topics, as it is a matter of privacy. However, in truth it is proper for a Torah scholar to be as bold as a leopard and tell the nation the laws of G-d and his Torah even regarding matters between man and wife, and he should not fear from anything. And there already exist Sefarim about this, and those who seek life should chase after them and learn them.”
Wednesday, 13th Elul, 5780  

To Harav Hagaon Harav Hachassid Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein Sheyichyeh,


Shalom Ubracha,


Thank you for sending me the manuscripts of the Sefer “Kedushas Habayis-The Laws and customs of marital intimacy.” I have seen that it is a very comprehensive compilation of the laws and customs of intimacy, including all the opinions of the Poskim and Sifrei Halacha and Kabbalah, with an emphasis in bringing the Halachos down to earth and giving direction for how to implement the laws, with Kedusha and Tzenius and Shalom Bayis. It is well known the great importance that Kedushas Habayis has in the future of Kelal Yisrael, and if such Sefarim were needed in previous times, all the more so today, so that the generation receive detailed guidance in both Halacha and Darkei Chassidus.


I thus come here with words of blessing and praise to my dear acquaintance, the author, who brings merits to the masses through this important work, and I encourage those capable to assist him in its proliferation, and not hide under false cloaks of piety. I encourage couples, and especially community Rabbanim and Chasan and Kallah teachers to read this book, and use it as a wealth of resource for the various guidance that they need to give their congregants and or students in this matter.


I am confident that this Sefer will be accepted amongst the Halacha seeking English speaking public, and bring great benefit to all its readers, in both Halacha, Hadracha, and Shalom Bayis, and ultimately helping to usher the coming of our righteous Moshiach.

Free English Translation

13th Elul 5780,

Letter of Blessing

I have come here in these lines to recommend the Sefer of my acquaintance, Hagaon Hachassid Moreinu Harav Yaakov Goldstein Shlita, which is called “Kedushas Habayis”

I went through the Sefer and saw that he did a professional job, and accurately portrays in his writing the perspective of both Halacha and Hanhaga (I also saw that he cited our Sefer “Sheyikadesh Atzmo” in many instances).

In addition, I had the pleasure of having correspondence with the illustrious author regarding these very severe laws, and I saw that the Halachic truth is the driving force behind his work, and that he placed due effort to meticulously and accurately convey the laws.  

I therefore give my blessings to a good endeavor, to strengthen him and encourage him for having chosen to write on this very important subject, which is widely neglected, especially in the English language in which many are asking “Who will show us the light” to know the path that we are to follow and the proper direction to go in these matters on which is dependent all the future generations, and the wellness of one’s precious children both physically and spiritually, as the Alter Rebbe wrote in the Holy Tanya end of chapter 2. In the Sefer “Kedushas Habayis” the author has chosen the golden path in this very delicate subject, and it will certainly be of great help for its readers.

May it be G-d’s will that the author Shlita merit to add in holiness and purity in Am Yisrael, and add strength to the observance of Torah and Mitzvos, and with the help of G-d be successful to publish the Sefer together with his other Sefarim in Halacha and Aggada, and that he should spread his wellsprings to the outside as his holy soul can burden, and be successful in all his blessed activities and endeavors in even greater measure.

The words of one who seeks his wellbeing and blesses him

With a blessing of Kesiva Vechasima Tova

For a good and sweet year


[1] See Chagiga 15a; Gittin 56a; 68a; Chulin 95b; Rama Y.D. 179:4 “Pesuk Li Pesukecha”; Shach 179:5; Rambam Avodas Koachivim 11:4-5 and Raavad there in fierce attack on the Rambam’s position; Semag L.S. 51; Maharikash in Erech Lechem Y.D. 179:4; Chida Shiyurei Bracha Y.D. 179:6; Chaim Sheol 2:38-41; Toras Menachem 5749 1:309; Sefer Hasichos 5749 2:489 footnote 98; Chikrei Minhagim [Gurary] 106

[2] Letter 2,237

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