Havdala Checklist

The Havdala Checklist:[1]

  1. Clean the Havdala cup from any wine residue left over from Kiddush.
  2. Pour wine in a way it slightly overflows onto a dish.
  3. Light the candle and prepare the Besamim.
  4. Lift the cup with your right hand, pass it to your left hand and then place it back in your right hand.
  5. Lift the cup three Tefach from the table.
  6. Recite Hinei Keil Yeshuasi [The listeners say it quietly to themselves] and the blessing of Hagafen.
  7. Place the cup down and lift the Besamim with the right hand and then say the blessing of Besamim.
  8. Place the Besamim down and then say the blessing of Meorei Haeish.
  9. Fold your fingers over your thumb into the palm and place them near the flame. Then turn over your hand, open the four fingers leaving the thumb still hidden, and look at the back of the fingers towards the nails.
  10. Recite the concluding blessing of Hamavdil and drink the entire cup of wine while sitting.
  11. Dip the Havdala candle in the spilled wine and spill some wine onto the flame.
  12. Recite an after blessing and say Vayiten Lecha
  13. Have Melaveh Malka


[1] All details mentioned here are based on the Halachas, and customs explained and elaborated in this section. See there for the sources.

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