Having a beautiful Tallis

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Having a Beautiful Tallis: [1]

It is a Mitzvah to have a beautiful Tallis and beautiful Tzitzis. The same applies for all Mitzvos, as they all must be done with Hiddur [adornment] to the best of one’s ability.[2] [One is thus to launder his Tallis occasionally in order so it be clean and beautiful.[3] Many Poskim[4] have spoken against those that are particular to always wash their clothing, but their Tallis they allow to become dirty and torn. Some Poskim[5] even write that a Tallis which is unwearable due to its dirty and torn state loses its Tzitzis obligation and one may not recite a blessing over it. Although other Poskim[6] negate this opinion, nevertheless it is certainly proper for one to be particular in it and beautify the Mitzvah.]


Is having a beautiful Tallis a Biblical or Rabbinical Mitzvah?

It is disputed amongst Poskim whether the command of Hiddur Mitzvah is Biblical or Rabbinical.[7] Some Poskim[8] rule that having a beautiful Tallis is a Biblical Mitzvah, and so is implied to be the opinion of Admur.[9]


Changing an old Tallis Gadol for a new one:

Some Gedolei Yisrael[10] were accustomed to not change the Tallis they used for prayer, even after the Tallis was torn and worn out, saying that this itself is the Hiddur of the Tallis.


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