Hearing Birchas Hatorah from another

May one fulfill his obligation through hearing Birchas Hatorah said by another person?

Yes.[1] However there are Poskim[2] that learn in Admur that one does not fulfill his obligation unless it is said with a Minyan. One may fulfill his obligation of Birchas Hatorah through hearing the blessings said by a woman.[3] However there are Poskim[4] that are stringent and rule one may not fulfill his obligation through a woman. A child that has reached Chinuch cannot fulfill the obligation of an adult according to those that rule Birchas Hatorah is Biblical, and hence one is to avoid fulfilling his obligation with the blessing of a child.[5]

[1] 47/7; Accordingly, the ruling in 59/4 does not include Birchas Hatorah.

[2] Grach Naah in Shvil Hachaim on Derech Chaim 4/5 based on Admur 59/4 that one does not fulfill the morning blessings through hearing them from another unless he hears it with a Minyan. Vetzaruch Iyun Gadol as according to this understanding that the ruling in 59/4 includes Birchas Hatorah there is an explicit contradiction between the ruling in 47/7 and 59/4. [One cannot explain that Rav Naah is going according to the ruling of the Siddur that Birchas Hatorah is just like all other Birchas Hashachar and thus one cannot fulfill his obligation by hearing someone else say them, as if this were the case why would Admur suggest in 47/7 to hear the blessing from someone else in order to be stringent like the other opinion, if according to the custom one can only fulfill his obligation if he himself says it. It is very difficult to establish that Admur in 47/7 is referring to hearing the blessing from the Chazan with a Minyan in which case one fulfills his obligation even by the morning blessings.]

[3] Peri Megadim 47 M”Z 1; From Biur Halacha “Nashim” it is understood that all those that hold of the reasons mentioned in Admur agree with the ruling of the Peri Megadim, and hence according to Admur this is allowed.

[4] Biur Halacha 47 “Nashim”; Piskeiy Teshuvos 47/18

[5] Peri Megadim ibid; Biur Halacha 47 “Nashim”

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