Home cleaning products [dish soap; bleach; window spray; detergent; ironing starch]-Must they be Kosher for Pesach

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer

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The law:

All non-edible products that contain disintegrated Chametz may be owned and benefited from throughout Pesach. This applies even if the product is edible for a dog. It however may not be eaten, even if inedible for dogs. Thus, one may own and benefit from cosmetics, shoe polish, soap, shampoo, gas, deodorant, and anything of the like even if they contain a Chametz ingredient.

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Q&A on home products

May one use non-Kosher for Pesach dish soap for washing dishes and cutlery?

From the letter of the law, one may use non-Kosher for Pesach dish soaps to wash his dishes and cutlery.[1] Nevertheless the custom is to be stringent.[2]


May one use non-Kosher for Pesach bleach, furniture and window cleaning sprays, floor detergent and matters of the like?[3]

Yes. This applies according to all.


May one use non-Kosher for Pesach detergent to clean his clothing [in cases permitted on Chol Hamoed]?



May one use non-Kosher for Pesach starch to iron his clothing [in cases permitted on Chol Hamoed]?

One may only use a corn starch-based starch and not a Chametz based starch. See Chapter 1 Halacha 2C where this matter was discussed in length.


[1] The reason: Being that the soap is not fit for eating, and even if some of it gets on the food, it does not pose an issue being that one does not have intention to eat it.

[2] Nitei Gavriel Pesach 1; Hakashrus

[3] Nitei Gavriel

[4] Nitei Gavriel As even if they contain Chametz the detergent is not edible and even if it falls into one’s food one has no intention to eat it.

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