How was Avraham Avinu allowed to serve meat and milk to the travelers?

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    1. How was Avraham Avinu allowed to serve meat and milk to the travelers?

    As we know, Avraham Avinu guarded all the Torah before it was given and endeavored to influence others to do so through his hosting services. It is quite awkward then to find in the beginning of Parshas Vayeira that upon hosting the three guest angels on the 3rd day of his Bris, he offered them meat and milk in the same meal. As the verse[1] states: “And he took butter and milk, and the cow that he made”. Various justifications are proposed in the Mefarshim:

    1. Not a real cow: Some opinions[2] explain that Avraham had created the cow using Sefer Yetzirah[3], and it was hence the laws of Basar Bechalav did not apply to it.
    2. Angels may eat meat and milk: Others[4] explain that angels do not have an evil inclination and are hence not commanded against eating meat and milk together.
    3. First dairy than meat: Others[5] explain Avraham did not feed the guests the meat and butter at the same time, rather he first fed them one food and then the other.
    4. Menu of either/or: The Rebbe[6] explains that Avraham offered each guest an alternative; either meat or dairy, however not both.


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