If in doubt

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What does one do if he is in doubt if he recited one of the blessings? [1]

If one is in doubt if he recited one of the blessings, then he may not recite that blessing.[2] [It does not help for him to hear the blessing from someone else unless the blessing is being said in a presence of another nine people.[3] It is advisable to make a mark in the Siddur in the area that one is holding if he has to stop in middle of the blessings.]

[1] Michaber 209/3; Ketzos Hashulchan 5/12; Chesed Lealafim 47/8

[2] This applies to all blessings with exception to Birchas Hamazon being that it is a Biblical command. [Michaber ibid]

[3] 59/4 brought above in Halacha 12

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