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During a leap year does the Mitzvah to increase in joy apply in both months of Adar?

Some Poskim [1] write the Mitzvah to increase in joy only applies to Adar Sheiyni, however in Adar Rishon the Mitzvah does not apply. However the Rebbe[2], after analyzing this subject, concludes that the Mitzvah to increase in joy applies also in Adar Rishon. [3]


[1] Sheilas Yaavetz 88

[2] Likkutei Sichos 16 p. 344; Igros Kodesh Miluim [printed in Shulchan Menachem 3 p. 306]

[3] As we celebrate the birth of Moshe Rabbeinu in Adar Rishon and it is this matter which motivated the law of increasing in joy during Adar. [ibid] It is also supported from the fact the Mishneh in Megillah 6b does not list “joy” as one of the differences between Adar Rishon and Sheiyni.

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