Intimacy in Olam Haba – In Yemos Hamoshiach and after resurrection

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15. Intimacy in Olam Haba – In Yemos Hamoshiach and after resurrection:[1]

Even after their resurrection, couples will get married and engage in marital intimacy and have physical children born to them.[2] Husbands and wives will be resurrected and once again be physically intimate with each other. Nonetheless, this form of intimacy will be very different than the form of intimacy we are accustomed to now. While in today’s times intimacy takes place through the bonding of the physical bodies and penetration, in the future, intimacy will be a purely emotional experience, where the love, eye contact, hugging and kissing between husband and wife will cause excitement to the point of procreation, similar to the experience of love birds. There will be no need for actual expelling of seed from the husband in order to procreate. In fact, this was the type of intimacy that was around in the world prior to the sin of Adam and Chavah, and it is specifically the sin that took place between the snake and Chavah which caused a demotion of the world to the point that procreation can now only take place through a trade of fluids in a most animalistic manner. In the future, the world will return to its perfected state, and we will once again engage in intimacy in its highest level. The fiery passion of lust during intimacy will turn into fire of holiness.[3]


[1] See Migaleh Tzefunos Parshas Tazria; Or Torah magid p. 19 that the Reiah bird impregnates its mate by simply staring at it

[2] Rav Poalim 2 Sod Yesharim 2; Torah L’shma 272

[3] Basi Legani 1 5715 6 p. 162

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