Introduction on the Midrash of the Megillah

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The Purim story, which is fascinating in its own right, takes a deeper and more detailed turn within the Midrashim and expounding of the Sages. Many details are left obscure and different parts of the sequence of the story require explanation and clarification. In this section the Megillah story is brought segment by segment, with each segment followed by a selected number of Q&A that have been compiled from the classical Midrashic texts. The main texts used for these explanations are the Agadata section of Gemara in Tractate Megillah; Midrash Esther Raba[1] and Yalkut Shimoni.[2] At times, other rare Midrashic texts have been included, such as the Midrash “Agadas Esther”, which is an ancient Yemenite compilation of Midrashim that was recently published from its hand written form.


[1] See “Agadas Esther” introduction of publisher that the Midrash Raba of Esther was not available to Rashi and other Rishonim who commented on the Megillah. It was likewise not available to the Yalkut Shimoni.

[2] The Yalkut Shimoni is a compilation of many different Midrashim, including the Gemara in Megillah; Midrash Aba Guryon and Midrash Panim Acheirim. It is not considered its own Midrashic text. Nevertheless it does contain many novelties that have not been found in the classical Midrashim available before us.

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