Ironed Clothing during the 9 Days

  1. Question: [Thursday, 28th Tamuz 5781]

May I iron my shirts during the nine days, and if not, can I do so before the nine days so I have them ready during the nine days?



It is forbidden to iron clothing during the nine days. Likewise, it is forbidden to wear freshly ironed clothing during the nine days even though they were ironed before the nine days. Thus, you should iron it and wear it prior to the nine days in a way that its freshly ironed look is not apparent when you wear it during the nine days.


Explanation: There is no recorded restriction against dyeing hair throughout the three weeks, nonetheless it is best to avoid doing so during the nine days being that one is to diminish in jewelry and makeup during this time, even though even then from the letter of the law it is permitted.


Sources: See regarding ironing clothing during the nine days: Michaber 551:3; See regarding wearing freshly ironed clothing during the nine days: M”A 551:20; M”B 551:44; Levushei Serud

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